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Talon is our in-house brand of high-quality rods which are custom built to our own specifications. Talon rods include straight and bent butts (which are interchangeable), with swing tip models also available. The ranges include trolling and multi-purpose and jigging rods

Trolling Rods

Talon trolling rods include the Clear Tip “CT” Series as well as the GM Series.

Clear Tip "CT" Series

Heavy-duty, custom-built trolling rods featuring fixed straight butts as well as interchangeable bent butts. Featuring roller-guides and virtually indestructible blanks, these rods are designed for intense trolling applications such as chartering and tuna fishing in the Cape.

GM Series

High-quality one-piece trolling rods at an excellent price point. Hard EVA grips on a composite blank, suitable for light to medium-heavy trolling applications. 16-20lb and 30-50lb models available.

Jigging Rods

Versatile jigging rods featuring strong carbon core blanks with a glass wrapping. Suitable for targeting a wide range of species while coming in at an attractive price point.

Jigging Whip Series

Extremely versatile casting jigging rods that are great for those wanting to do some medium to heavy slow jigging without spending a fortune. These virtually indestructible rods can also function as baiting, light trolling, and popping rods.

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