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Survivor Carbon Game Harness System

The Harness

This back support harness has been designed to cover a larger area of the back than conventional harness systems – this serves to give you more leverage to fight big fish, as well as to protect you from injuries to your waist. It is available in size S (116cm) and size L (126cm).

The Carbon Gimbal

Designed for serious jigging action, this uniquely shaped carbon gimbal combines lightweight engineering with extreme durability. The carbon plate rests comfortably over the waist and allows you to fight big fish with rod lock stability. With a net weight of only 600g, carbon gimbals offer an advantage over heavier aluminium belts. The centre rod holder is made of anodized aluminium, available in blue, gold, silver, red, and gunsmoke colours, and contains a removable pin to lock different rod butts into place.

Spec Sheet

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SBSHLBack Support BeltLength: 126cmBlack
SBSHSBack Support BeltLength: 116cmBlack
SCGCarbon GimbalCarbon Plate Length: 30cm; Width: 18.5cmGold, Silver, Gunsmoke, Blue, Red

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