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Picasso’s range of jigs provides the keen bass angler with a variety of styles, sizes, and colours to suit every fishing condition. Choose from Fantasy Football, Shock Blade, Shock Blade Special FX, Shock Blade Tungsten Knocker, Swim Jig, Straight Shooter, and Spider Jig ranges.

Fantasy Football

The Picasso Fantasy Football Jig has an almost completely recessed line tie to assure the jig “rolls” out of any rocky cover without hanging up. The textured head creates traction causing the jig to rock back and forth instead of just “skidding” or “skating” across the bottom, giving superior action.

Shock Blade

The Picasso Shock Blade brings you the very best in innovation and technology. The Patented design creates a lot of thumping vibration and hunting action even when reeled at a very slow retrieve. 1.5oz and 2oz come with the option of a large blade that creates a hard thumping vibration with a wider wobble, while the standard blade creates a very tight/quick action and vibration that can be “Burned” or “Ripped”.

Shock Blade – Special FX

The Special FX Shock Blade is hand-tied, using 100% natural bucktail and, depending on colour choice, may be mixed with a combination of premium feathers, including grizzly and duck. We held nothing back when designing this lure and utilize the finest materials that money can buy; no synthetics on this masterpiece. The end result is a unique action never before seen on a bladed jig and that which is sure to attract even the most finicky of fish. Our patented (Patent # D760,866) design helps to keep the lure down and in the strike zone longer without rising, which is a common complaint of all bladed swim jigs in general. Staying in the strike zone means more fish in your live well. The Shock Blade creates a hard thumping vibration and hunting action even when reeled at a very slow retrieve. The blade creates a very tight/quick action and vibration that can burned, ripped or popped off the bottom. Constructed around our popular Smart Mouth Plus jig head with its concave belly that gives an added “wobble” action that fish can’t resist. Choose from a variety of colours designed for all types of water clarity and light conditions. It comes equipped with a 3X Strong 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point Hook that assures good hook penetration that will not open on the set and can handle big fish.

Shock Blade – Tungsten Knocker

A collaboration with Elite Series Pro Aaron Martens, the Tungsten Knocker is constructed around a solid, one-piece, 97% tungsten football head. This creates added sensitivity and generates extreme vibration and “hunting” action that flat out catches fish. Being a much smaller profile than its lead counterpart makes it a great choice for targeting spotted bass, smallmouth bass and large mouth bass. Ideal for working areas that you would typically throw a football jig or crank bait such as gravel banks, hard clay bottoms, rocky points, rip rap, and off shore humps and ledges. Our exclusive super soft silicone skirt material creates fish enticing undulation that is comparable to that of rubber skirt material. Extra-long skirt length allows you to custom trim or use without the need for a trailer. Call ‘em home for dinner with the unique sound produced by the blade knocking the tungsten head.

Swim Jig

The Picasso Swim Jig features our popular Smart Mouth head design which provides a subtle “wobble” that fish can not resist. Built around a 5/0 Mustad 3X Strong Ultra Point hook that assures good hook penetration, will not open on the set, and can handle big fish. The Swim Jig is equipped with a double bait keeper, one on the collar and a wire barb on the hook shaft, to keep your plastics secure cast after cast. The highly detailed paint scheme with perfectly matching custom skirt colours provides a life-like forage that will flat out catch more fish. Coated with our chip-resistant Duraseal for long-lasting paint adhesion. Offered in four sizes to meet all of your swimming jig applications.

Straight Shooter

The Picasso Straight Shooter Jig with its conical head design and recessed line tie makes it ideal for multiple techniques including swimming, punching grass and working through structures. Its weed guard is perfectly angled to deflect off structure and prevent the jig from rolling which is a common cause for hang-ups. Moulded around a premium 5/0 Siwash 4X Strong hook to handle big fish. Equipped with a double bait keeper, one on the collar and a wire barb on the shaft of the hook will keep your plastic trailer secure in all terrain. Features an elaborate paint scheme along with a perfectly matched silicone skirt and oversized 3D eye that will flat out put fish in the livewell.

Spider Jig

The Picasso Spider Jig features a completely recessed line tie to prevent the jig from hanging up or rolling in structure. Available in 30-degree extra wide gap hook or Original Round bend flipping hook. The Picasso Spider Jig has a very vertical fall in the Round bend hook version which makes it very accurate to hit your target. Made with the same hard Pro Metal Alloy and coated with the chip-resistant Duraseal finish, the Picasso Spider Jig provides more sensitivity and holds up to the “worst pounding.” Weedguard is not cast in the alloy so it performs perfectly with no metal, epoxy or paint “blooming up the weedguard” for flawless performance.

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