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MB Tungsten Worm Weights

Since the inception of MossBack, the company has strived to bring the perfect tungsten weights at the right price to the market. Their manufacturing processes produce the highest quality of insert and fray free, eco-friendly, 97% tungsten weights. Being insert free allows you to peg the weights much easier and apply a stopper for extra snag-free resistance. The MB Tungsten Worm Weights are designed for the more subtle bite on the bottom, giving your bait an extra bit of weight to sink faster and drag your worm on the bottom. All while still allowing you to penetrate weeded areas, dense areas of vegetation, and also still maintaining the effectiveness of your bait choice. The increased density and hardness of tungsten increases the sensitivity. This helps the angler detect more areas of structure, snags and even the most subtle of bites. The concave bottom of the MB Tungsten Worm Weights is designed to fit the head of any soft plastics, allowing a more realistic or natural action from any bait you choose. Our suggestion is to put it on a worm or fluke and enjoy the results. All of MB tungsten weights come with a sealed chip-resistant coating. This allows for long-lasting colour and shape.


  • Unique weight design for streamlined fishing
  • Lead and insert free
  • 97% Pure eco-friendly tungsten
  • Perfectly machined – Mossback tungsten will never cut your line
  • Cuts through grass and weed effortlessly
  • Ultra-tough, chip-resistant coating
  • Large range of weights: 1/16oz, 1/8oz, 3/16oz, 1/4oz, 5/16oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz
  • Tungsten colours: Black and Green Pumpkin

Spec Sheet

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Code Product WeightTungsten ColourPack Size
1MBTWW01116MB Tungsten Worm Weights 1/16ozBlack 015
2MBTWW02116MB Tungsten Worm Weights 1/16ozGreen Pumpkin 025
3MBTWW0118MB Tungsten Worm Weights 1/8ozBlack 013
4MBTWW0218MB Tungsten Worm Weights 1/8ozGreen Pumpkin 023
5MBTWW01316MB Tungsten Worm Weights 3/16ozBlack 014
6MBTWW02316MB Tungsten Worm Weights 3/16ozGreen Pumpkin 024
7MBTWW0114MB Tungsten Worm Weights 1/4ozBlack 013
8MBTWW0214MB Tungsten Worm Weights 1/4ozGreen Pumpkin 023
9MBTWW01516MB Tungsten Worm Weights 5/16ozBlack 013
10MBTWW02516MB Tungsten Worm Weights 5/16ozGreen Pumpkin 023
11MBTWW0138MB Tungsten Worm Weights 3/8ozBlack 013
12MBTWW0238MB Tungsten Worm Weights 3/8ozGreen Pumpkin 023
13MBTWW0112MB Tungsten Worm Weights 1/2ozBlack 012
14MBTWW0212MB Tungsten Worm Weights 1/2ozGreen Pumpkin 022

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