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MB Spider Jigs

The MB Spider Jig is the perfect cross over jig – the ultimate balance between a flipping jig and finesse sizing. With these attributes, the MB Spider Jig offers a great way to fish in small holes. With the weedless stiff plastic brush guard, you can punch under and into structure, ripping through the matted areas with ease. The unique design of the Spider Jig head prevents hangups while punching around structure. It is best set with a vertical fall. Ideally, we designed the MB Spider Jig to be the bank angler’s first choice of jig. Great for the angler who wants to try a jig but doesn’t want to pay the price to fish this structure-based lure. Light tackle to your jigging stick, the MB Spider Jig has perfect balance for casting on any equipment. You can increase the size and mass with a trailer. The MB Spider Jig can be perfectly paired with any MB trailer, and we have put an extra-long skirt on the MB Spider Jig to allow the angler to adjust it or trim it to any length required.


  • Super-sharp, chemically sharpened hook
  • Chip-resistant paint job
  • Weed guard to prevent hang-ups
  • Soft silicone skirt
  • Great price point
  • Weights: 7g, 10g, 14g
  • Hook sizes: 3, 2, 1

Spec Sheet

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Variation NumberCode Product WeightSkirt colour Hook SizeHead ShapeWeight ColourWeight Material Weed Guard
1MBSJ703MB Spider Jig7gUnderessed 03Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
2MBSJ713MB Spider Jig7gBlack Blue 13Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
3MBSJ723MB Spider Jig7gBlack Red Flake 23Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
4MBSJ753MB Spider Jig7gBlue Olive 53Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
5MBSJ763MB Spider Jig7gMetalic Craw 63Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
6MBSJ773MB Spider Jig7gGreen Pumpkin 73Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
7MBSJ793MB Spider Jig7gPBJ 93Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
8MBSJ7103MB Spider Jig7gPumpkin Chartreuse Brown 103Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
9MBSJ7113MB Spider Jig7gWatermelon Candy 113Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
10MBSJ7123MB Spider Jig7gPumpkin Blue 123Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
11MBSJ1002MB Spider Jig10gUnderessed 02Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
12MBSJ1012MB Spider Jig10gBlack Blue 12Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
13MBSJ1022MB Spider Jig10gBlack Red Flake 22Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
14MBSJ1052MB Spider Jig10gBlue Olive 52Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
15MBSJ1062MB Spider Jig10gMetalic Craw 62Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
16MBSJ1072MB Spider Jig10gGreen Pumpkin 72Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
17MBSJ1092MB Spider Jig10gPBJ 92Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
18MBSJ10102MB Spider Jig10gPumpkin Chartreuse Brown 102Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
19MBSJ10112MB Spider Jig10gWatermelon Candy 112Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
20MBSJ10122MB Spider Jig10gPumpkin Blue 122Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
21MBSJ1402MB Spider Jig14gUnderessed 01Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
22MBSJ1412MB Spider Jig14gBlack Blue 11Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
23MBSJ1422MB Spider Jig14gBlack Red Flake 21Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
24MBSJ1452MB Spider Jig14gBlue Olive 51Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
25MBSJ1462MB Spider Jig14gMetalic Craw 61Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
26MBSJ1472MB Spider Jig14gGreen Pumpkin 71Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
27MBSJ1492MB Spider Jig14gPBJ 91Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
28MBSJ14102MB Spider Jig14gPumpkin Chartreuse Brown 101Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
29MBSJ14112MB Spider Jig14gWatermelon Candy 111Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack
30MBSJ14122MB Spider Jig14gPumpkin Blue 121Arch ArrowBlackLeadBlack

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