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Maxel Jigs

All Maxel jigs are the result of extensive testing and development by professional-level jig anglers. They are all “slow pitch”, regardless of model. Maxel jigs are manufactured to Japanese standards using a special, hard lead alloy that will not bend in use. The finish is produced by a stamping process using Japanese quality gold foil which is attached in such a way that the foil will not peel off – as frequently occurs with cheaper mass-produced jigs. As with the overall design, the colours are also the result of extensive field testing and experimentation. Many of the models feature strong luminescence whereas some have no luminescence. All the jigs are coated with a super hard epoxy coating which is resistant to sharp teeth. Maxel jigs have been designed and developed for serious anglers for whom nothing but the very best will do. They can be relied on to produce, whatever the species or location. For best results, they should be rigged with Maxel Moon Edge slow pitch hooks rigged on Kevlar cord of appropriate thickness and strength.

These centre-weighted jigs offer as a fluttering, spiralling action when allowed to fall freely. Their unique shape makes them very well suited to cutting through fast, strong currents.

Motion L

The original jig from Maxel, this is an extremely versatile and effective jig and one which should form part of every jig angler’s arsenal. In the Cape, we use the 60g and 200g weights for yellowtail and tuna, while we find that further up the East Coast, the smaller sizes work incredibly well for kayak fishing.

Motion S

This is a classic, broad, centre-weighted slow pitch jig that has an erratic fall with a broad, sweeping, side to side action on the drop. It is available in weights from 80 to 430g. The DFS series is a very versatile jig that is effective on every conceivable species at all depths from surface/subsurface to approximately 100m.


The wraith is a long, “cigar” shaped, centre-weighted, jig which is intended for use at extreme depths. Weights range from 260g to 600g. The 260 and 350g models are available in 11colours, while the 400g, 500g and 600g models are available in 5 colours.


The drunker is a compact jig intended primarily for use with light lines and rods. It is available in 3 weights (40g, 60g and 80g) and 7 colours. Most colour options feature some luminescence, and several feature bands.

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