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Maxel Jigs

Maxel offers an elite range of jigs that are tailor-made to give you the advantage when it comes to both slow pitch and speed jigging

These centre-weighted jigs offer a faster falling jig than the Motion S, while still keeping the flutter action. Their unique shape makes them very well suited to cutting through fast, strong currents.

Motion L

This is the original speed jig from Maxel, and, available in a variety of colours and weights from 12g to 200g – this is our go-to jig for any speed jigging application. In the Cape, we use the 60g and 200g weights for yellowtail and tuna, while we find that further up the East Coast, the smaller sizes work incredibly well for kayak fishing.

Motion S

Maxel’s signature line of slow pitch, slow falling jigs. These jigs are designed to be used in tandem with very sensitive rods. These jigs are available in weights from 80g up to 250g, and are equally as versatile as the fast-falling jigs – the 250g jigs even have luminous bands for use in deep water.


Maxel Wraith jigs are the latest innovation in slow jigging technology. With a slimmer body than other jig types, Wraith jigs are ideal for fishing in stronger currents and very deep water. They are able to extend your depth range without creating extra weight, all whilst still providing the slow fluttering action that is so integral to slow jigging.

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