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Terminal Tackle

Picasso’s range of terminal tackle includes the Suijin and spare bills, Weedless Rhino Neds, Rhino Head, Shakedown Head, Shake-E-Football Head, Single Barrel and Double Barrel Underspons, and Smart Mouth Plus Head.



The Suijin (water god in Japanese) was developed with Elite Series Pro and “scrounger” guru Aaron Martens overseeing every step. The proprietary formulation of the bill material is crucial for this type of lure to achieve its full potential based on water temp and the plastic trailer being used. The head design insures proper cupping of the bill material to optimize the swimming/kicking action of plastic trailers. Double tapered smooth cylinder bait keeper provides easy placement and keeps your soft plastic secure without tearing, while the concave collar helps prevent fish from pulling them down. Equipped with a Gamakatsu 2X strong hook to accommodate a variety of plastic trailers from small “flukes” to larger straight tail jerk baits. Each pack includes 2 extra replacement bills of different thicknesses to achieve a tighter or wider swimming action for varied trailer size or water temperature. Additional Suijin replacement bills can be purchased separately.

Suijin Bills

Get extra Suijin bills made with our proprietary formula to get as close to the action as you want! Based on water temp and plastic trailer slight bill thickness or softness can make all the difference. If your trailer is “kicking hard” or wide you can drop down in thickness to achieve a better/tighter action. If you don’t have enough action, simply go up in thickness. For those of you who like bigger baits with wide action such as the Jerky J, the Short Fat J (SFJ) or the Fat J (FJ) bill is the “ticket”.

Weedless Rhino Neds

The Rhino Neds give a stand-up presentation to your plastics when a finesse technique such as the popular Ned Rig is just the ticket to trigger a bite. Ideal for highly pressured waters or when the bite gets tough and the fish are finicky. Designed with the collaboration of Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Aaron Martens it features a “Rhino horn” that easily slides through the mouth of the fish for a quick hook penetration. The hook eye is constricted to prevent the knot from slipping down the eye of the hook preventing fray and maintaining the optimal line angle. The flexible double nickel-titanium weed guard lets you work through cover without hindering the hook set. Equipped with a super-sharp 2X-strong Gamakatsu Hook as well as a round wire bait keeper for easy rigging and minimal damage to your soft plastics. Made from hard Pro Metal lead alloy for extra sensitivity. Chip-resistant Duraseal coating.
Made In USA.

Rhino Head

The Picasso Rhino Head was designed with the collaboration of Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Aaron Martens, to bring you a “shakey” style head that’s at the top of the class in design and function. Featuring a “Rhino horn” that not only protects your soft plastic from being pulled down but also designed to slide easily thorough a fish’s mouth for quick hook penetration. The weight-forward design allows the bait to stand and creates a unique action that fish find irresistible. The hook eye is constricted so the knot cannot slip up or down the eye of the super-sharp 2X-strong Gamakatsu hook, and also creates a cam-action which forces the hook into their mouths. The design of the Rhino Head dramatically increases knot longevity. Hard Pro Metal alloy for extra sensitivity and our chip-resistant Duraseal coating round out the features of this head.

Shakedown Head

Picasso Shakedown heads use a flexible nickel titanium spring (bait keeper) along with a cross-eye Gamakatsu hook to give you the best “shakey style” head on the market. The flexible nickel titanium spring always comes back to position after each fish without breaking. Because of its super soft elasticity, the spring allows the entire hook gap to be maintained during hook set. The “give” of the spring allows anglers to lock down and shake their plastics in cover or skip docks without ever losing or tearing the soft plastics. Because of the spring’s small size, finesse worms (such as Roboworms or other thin hand-poured plastics) can be rigged very straight with no “hump” It also prevents the plastic from tearing. Picasso Shakedown heads are coated with the super-tough Durasealâ„¢ process, increasing the sensitivity and allowing them to hold up like no other on the market.

Shake-E-Football Head

The new Picasso Shake-E-Football combines the Picasso Fantasy Football Jig design with the Flexible Nickel Titanium Spring (bait keeper) to provide the ultimate in shakey jig fishing. Not only is this jig great for the shakey technique, but it is also highly versatile for casting and flipping in any cover or open water. The tough Duraseal coating and textured head rolls over rocks, through grass, and drags through wood with no hang-ups due to the flexible spring (bait keeper). The spring provides a weedless presentation when your favourite soft plastic is added to the head. This jig also has a very vertical fall for “stroking” techniques. With a size range of 1/16oz. to 1oz., you can easily go from finesse to power shaking and cover a variety of situations.

Single Barrel Underspin

Utilizing a no-torque rubber harness and Sampo® ball bearing swivel, the Picasso Single Barrel Underspin turns at the slowest speeds. No wires or imbedded swivels to interfere with blade turning, hookups, or rolling from torque. Paired with the Picasso Smartmouth Plus jig heads in weights from 1/8 oz to 1oz in a variety of hook sizes. Extra harness included.

Double Barrel Underspin

Picasso Double Barrel Underspin was designed with 2010 FLW Championship winner Kevin Hawk, regarded as one of the top experts in the underspin fishing technique, and was responsible for his big win on Lake Lanier. The Double Barrel Underspin features tungsten balls, which keep it running upright without rolling. The double blades are engineered to be kept away from the head for optimum flash and prevent the blades from fouling with each other or the soft plastic trailer. The longer nickel-titanium wires provide extra protections against getting hung up on bottom structure yet are soft enough to collapse on the strike assuring a good hook set.

Smart Mouth Plus Head

The Smart Mouth Plus Fish Head Jigs are designed to be fished in both fresh and saltwater and fulfil the demand for an assortment of hooks in a broad range of sizes from 1/8oz up to 2 oz. The 3X Strong Mustad Ultra Point hook assures good hook penetration that will not open on the set and can handle big fish. Equipped with a double bait keeper, one on the collar and a wire barb on the hook shaft will keep your plastics secure cast after cast. Our heavier sizes come equipped with up to a 7/0 hook to accommodate large swimbaits and allow a fast retrieve over deep ledges while still keeping contact with the bottom and initiate a strike.

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