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MB Spare Blades

Spare blades for the MB Underspin, available in gold and silver 35mm wide willow, gold and silver 30mm wide willow, and gold and silver 25mm narrow turtle willow styles. Blades are changeable with a split ring and ball bearing swivel for extra rotation, and can be used for multiple applications.


  • Spare blades for MB Underspin
  • Blade sizes: 25mm, 30mm, 35mm in gold and silver Willow
  • Blades are changeable with split ring and ball bearing swivel for extra rotation
  • Can be used for multiple applications

Spec Sheet

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Code Product Pack Blade ColourBlade ShapeBlade size Split Ring Swivel
1MBUSBWW30GMB Underspin Spare Blade 3GoldWide Willow30mmSize 4 Size 14
2MBUSBWW30SMB Underspin Spare Blade3Silver Wide Willow30mmSize 4 Size 14
3MBUSBWW35GMB Underspin Spare Blade 3GoldWide Willow35mmSize 4 Size 14
4MBUSBWW35SMB Underspin Spare Blade 3Silver Wide Willow35mmSize 4 Size 14
5MBUSBNTW25GMB Underspin Spare Blade 3GoldNarrow Turtle Willow 25mmSize 4 Size 16
6MBUSBNTW25SMB Underspin Spare Blade 3Silver Narrow Turtle Willow 25mmSize 4 Size 16

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