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Our Brands

We distribute into the trade a selection of excellent brands spanning across the fishing and outdoors sector. Every brand we stock has been personally selected and tested by us to ensure superior quality and workmanship – and we are always testing out new products in order to bring the best of them to you. We won’t sell you anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves – it’s that simple. Additionally, all of our brands are backed by our quality guarantee so that you can be assured that you are getting the best tackle and gear out there. Please click on the brand logos in order to browse complete product catalogues.

Jigging, Popping, & Trolling

Maxel is our flagship brand, the one that started it all. Maxel manufactures a range of elite products that cater to the inshore and offshore fishing sectors (although some of the products are also suited to shore casting). The range includes trolling, jigging, boating, and casting equipment. All Maxel reels are backed by a 5 year factory warranty.

Jigging & Trolling

Talon is our in-house brand of high quality trolling and jigging rods which are custom built to our own specifications. Talon rods include straight and bent butts (which are interchangeable), with swing tip models also available.

Freshwater Lures

Our premium American import – Picasso manufactures various freshwater lures and lure components with a focus on jigs, components, underspins, spinnerbaits, and more

Freshwater Lures & Components

Introducing our extensive range of high quality lures: jigs, underspins, chatterbaits, tungsten weights, tungsten jig heads, tungsten shakey heads, silicone skirts, trailers, and more – all at affortable pricing.

Jigging & Casting Rods

One-piece 6’6″ Jigging and casting rods with spiral guides, Fuji eyes, Toray hexagon tape 4 axis carbon cloth blanks, and DPS Hood reel seats.

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