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Wraith Jigs

The wraith is a long, “cigar” shaped, centre weighted, jig which is intended for use at extreme depths. Weights range from 260g to 600g. The 260 and 350g models are available in 11colours, while the 400g, 500g and 600g models are available in 5 colours. All colour options feature luminous designs. The design of these jigs is such that even small movements of the rod tip result in an alluring wiggle as the lure falls through the water column. In fact, if a limber (soft tip) rod is chosen, then the simple rocking of the boat is frequently enough to trigger a bite. These jigs have been used to good effect at depths exceeding 300m. They are also highly recommended for shallower applications in circumstances where strong currents present difficulties in presenting jigs of other design.

Weights: 260g, 350g, 400g, 500g, 600g

Spec Sheet

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