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Suijin Bills

Get extra Suijin bills made with our proprietary formula to get as close to the action as you want! Based on water temp and plastic trailer slight bill thickness or softness can make all the difference. If your trailer is “kicking hard” or wide you can drop down in thickness to achieve a better/tighter action. If you don’t have enough action, simply go up in thickness. For those of you who like bigger baits with wide action – such as the Jerky J, the Short Fat J (SFJ) or the Fat J (FJ) bill is the “ticket”.

Available in 5 packs

Spec Sheet

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Code(Quantity)/ThicknessDescriptionQuantityRecommended Suijin Head Size
B BILL - VPACK(2)20, (2)25, (1)30A Suijin Bill51/8oz with #2 hook
A BILL - VPACK(1)25, (2)30, (2)35A Suijin Bill51/8oz or 3/16oz
D BILL - VPACK(1)30, (2)35, (1)40, (1)45D Suijin Bill53/16oz, 1/4oz, or 3/8oz
SK BILL - VPACK(1)30, (2)35, (1)40, (1)45Short K Suijin Bill51/2oz
K BILL - VPACK(1)30, (2)35, (1)40, (1)45K Suijin Bill53/4oz
SFJ BILL - VPACK(1)35, (1)40, (1)45, (1)50, (1)55Short Fat Suijin Bill51/2oz or 3/4oz
FJ BILL - VPACK(1)40, (1)45, (2)50, (1)55Fat J Suijin Bill53/4oz, 1oz, or 1.25oz

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