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Dragonfly Motion L Jigs

This is a longish leaf-shaped jig. It is also centre weighted however it falls through the water column more easily than the DFS series jigs with a spiralling action when allowed to fall on a slack line. It is only available in sizes 12g, 20g, 60g and 200g. The smaller jigs are only available in a limited range of colours whereas the 200g model is available in a wide range of colours, including several options which feature high luminescence. The smaller models are very effective when used for casting to breaking fish and shallow water jigging applications whereas the 200g model is very effective for jigging to depths of approximately 100m, depending on line thickness and current strength. This is an extremely versatile and effective jig and one which should form part of every jig angler’s arsenal. As with the DFS series, the brighter, flashier colours (e.g. PBL) are best suited to shallow water applications whereas darker colours and colours featuring strong luminescence (e.g. Squid glow) are most effective for deeper applications.

Weights: 12g, 20g, 60g, 200g

Spec Sheet

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