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Loongze Fishing South Africa

Cast into the future of CNC Reels with Loongze

Introducing the Loongze new line of CNC fishing reels: these are not just tools; they’re cutting-edge, precision instruments meticulously crafted for anglers who demand the best. At Loongze, we’re driven by a passion for product excellence and innovative CNC machining, ensuring that each reel is a work of art.

Picture this: a customized CNC fishing reel, perfectly tailored to your angling preferences, delivering optimal performance in every cast. We don’t just offer reels; we provide an immersive fishing experience. With a commitment to staying ahead in CNC fishing reel technology, we guarantee a diverse range of products that cater to your unique needs.

Loongze is synonymous with precision, strength, and excellence in CNC fishing reels. Elevate your fishing game—experience the future with Loongze!

Meet the Airlite BFS and the Airlite DC

Airlite BFS (B101 Air HG)

Introducing the Loongze Reel Airlite BFS (B101 AIR HG), precision-cut from 6061-T6 aluminum, offering 30% more strength than traditional die-casting. Experience adjustable brake resistance tailored to line spool speed, with a 5×44 matrix adjustment. The reel features a pure carbon brake disc and a high-hardness T7 plate for smooth braking under heavy force. Innovative clutch mechanism, line spool bearing system, and DGFX drive gear fixing enhance durability and reduce noise. The industry-first dual-support line spool structure, crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, ensures strength without sacrificing lightness. Ideal for finesse casting, capable of handling weights from 1 gram. Loongze B101 AIR HG: Precision, Strength, Finesse.

Airlite DC (B100 Air DC)

Introducing the Airlite DC (B100 Air DC) from Loongze, an electromagnetic braking reel that revolutionizes responsiveness, surpassing traditional DC models by over 10 times. This cutting-edge reel offers unparalleled control over braking force with remarkable precision, eliminating the need for external charging through an innovative throw-and-retrieve mechanism. Boasting five braking modes and accommodating bait weights from 1-20g, the Loongze-DC caters to anglers of all skill levels. Weighing just 148g and equipped with an IP68 waterproof rating, this reel ensures reliable performance, even in saltwater environments. Elevate your fishing with the Loongze-DC, where innovation meets precision on every cast.

Reel Technology

Matrix Brake System MBS


Intervention in brake resistance adjusts based on the rotational speed of the line spool, ensuring a consistently stable linear resistance. With five customizable intervention levels and 44 adjustable permanent magnet resistances, it creates a versatile 5×44 matrix for precision resistance adjustments.

Integrated Metal Frame


Crafted with CNC precision from a single piece of 7075-T7 bar stock aluminum, the one-piece body seamlessly incorporates the reel seat and front cover into the main frame, surpassing traditional die-casting strength by 30%.

Drive Gear Fixing Mechanism


The DGFX drive gear fixing mechanism, distinguished by its innovative design, eliminates axial movement of the main gear, significantly boosting the durability and stability of both larger and smaller gears.


Floating Ball Bearing System


The groundbreaking line spool bearing floating system efficiently minimizes axial movement and noise that occurs during high-speed casting, thereby elevating both casting sensitivity and stability.

Smooth Release System


The recently engineered clutch mechanism integrates a unique Teflon washer between the clutch plate and the main body. The installation hole for the torsion spring features an exceptionally robust PEEK liner, ensuring friction-free and smooth movement without the need for lubrication. This design results in an outstanding lifespan of 200,000 cycles with no signs of wear. Furthermore, it adeptly combats corrosion problems in environments characterized by high humidity and salt levels.

Smooth & Strong Drag System


The smooth and stable braking system is achieved by combining a pure carbon brake disc with a high-hardness T7 machined brake plate. The increased thickness of the brake plate serves as a protective measure, preventing damage to the main gear bearings even under intense braking force during encounters with large fish.


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