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Dragonfly Motion S Jigs

This is a classic, broad, centre-weighted slow pitch jig that has an erratic fall with a wide, sweeping, side to side action on the drop. It is available in weights from 80 to 430g. The DFS series is a very versatile jig that is effective on every conceivable species at all depths from surface/subsurface to approximately 100m – the limitation being its susceptibility to the effects of current due to its broad shape. These jigs can be fished in a conventional slow-pitch style, but they are also very effective for pitching to surface feeding fish such as tuna. DFS jigs come in a very wide range of colours. Some of the colours have no luminescence while others are extremely luminescent. Many of the colours feature bands. In those models, the “white” bands are luminous – in most cases green but in some pink. The brighter non-glow colours (e.g., PBL, SHB and SHY) are very effective for shallow, clear water applications whereas dark colours and colours with strong luminescence are most effective for leaf-shaped applications.

Spec Sheet

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