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MB Flat Bottom Jig

This jig has a lead bottom cone-type head with a thick gauge, xxx-strong super line EWG. It’s great for punching baits and swimbaits, and features a CPS for extra swimming action and bait movement.


  • Thick gauge, xxx Strong, Super line EWG
  • Lead bottom cone-type head
  • With a CPS for extra swimming action and bait movement
  • Weights 3,5g, 5g, 7g, 10g, 15g, 18g, 21g
  • Hook Sizes 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0
  • Great for punching baits and swimbaits

Spec Sheet

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Code Product Weighthead ShapeHookCPSpack size Head Material Weight Colour
1MBFBJ3,510MB Flat Bottom Jig3,5gFlat Bottom Cone 1/0 XXX SL EWGMedium3LeadLead
2MBFBJ520MB Flat Bottom Jig5gFlat Bottom Cone 2/0 XXX SL EWGMedium3LeadLead
3MBFBJ730MB Flat Bottom Jig7gFlat Bottom Cone 3/0 XXX SL EWGMedium2LeadLead
4MBFBJ1040MB Flat Bottom Jig10gFlat Bottom Cone 4/0 XXX SL EWGMedium2LeadLead
5MBFBJ1550MB Flat Bottom Jig15gFlat Bottom Cone 5/0 XXX SL EWGMedium2LeadLead
6MBFBJ1850MB Flat Bottom Jig18gFlat Bottom Cone 5/0 XXX SL EWGMedium2LeadLead
7MBFBJ2160MB Flat Bottom Jig21gFlat Bottom Cone 6/0 XXX SL EWGMedium2LeadLead

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