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MB Silicone Skirts

Soft silicone skirts suitable for a variety of spinnerbaits, jigs, and more. 44 durable silicone strands with a black rubber band collar, available in 12 unique colours.


  • Premium soft silicone skirt
  • 44 Durable silicone strands
  • Designed for a wide range of applications – Jigs, Spinnerbaits,
  • Punch Weights and more
  • Super soft
  • Black rubber band collar
  • 12 colours available

Spec Sheet

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Code Product Strands ColourBand Band Colour Pack size
1MBSS1MB Silicone Skirt44Black Blue 1Rubber Black 1
2MBSS2MB Silicone Skirt44Black Red Flake 2Rubber Black 1
3MBSS3MB Silicone Skirt44White Shad 3Rubber Black 1
4MBSS4MB Silicone Skirt44California Brown 4Rubber Black 1
5MBSS5MB Silicone Skirt44Blue Olive 5Rubber Black 1
6MBSS6MB Silicone Skirt44Metalic Craw 6Rubber Black 1
7MBSS7MB Silicone Skirt44Green Pumpkin 7Rubber Black 1
8MBSS8MB Silicone Skirt44Perch 8Rubber Black 1
9MBSS9MB Silicone Skirt44PBJ 9Rubber Black 1
10MBSS10MB Silicone Skirt44Pumpkin Chartreuse Brown 10Rubber Black 1
11MBSS11MB Silicone Skirt44Watermelon Candy 11Rubber Black 1
12MBSS12MB Silicone Skirt44Pumpkin Blue 12Rubber Black 1

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