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Maxel pairs innovative design with advanced rod buidling technology in their range of rods. Spanning a range of jigging, popping, trolling, and even freshwater applications, Maxel’s rods have been designed to fit the needs of every angler.

Slow Jigging

RiskyPlayer 55 Series

Maxel has developed a unique slow jigging rod that overcomes the shortcomings of similar rods in the category.

RiskyPlayer 60 Series

The RiskyPlayer 6.0’ version is ideal for using when fish are inactive and difficult to tempt. The rod’s design allows it to be fished at a high arc to present the bait in a long fall through the water.

Elemento Series

The new Elemento series covers a wide range of jig weights and water conditions, from shallow to over 200m depths.

Hybrid Slow Game Series

Replaced by the Elemento Series, the Hybrid Slow Game Series are 6’8″ slow-pitch jigging rods from Maxel, featuring top Toray blanks and Fuji components.

Speed Jigging

Sealion Series

The Sealion limited jigging rod series is a perfect compliment to the ultimate line up of Sealion lever drag jigging reels.

Transformer Heavy Series

The Transformer Heavy Jigging range offers unparalleled power and lifting ability for a range of jigging applications, while maintaining sensitivity.

Light Jigging

Transformer Light Series

Slim, strong, and lightweight, the Transformer Light series is designed to handle small jigs and big fish.


Vortex Rogue Light Plugging Series

A shorter length rod of light weight and easy casting design. Fast action with versatile tip action for all-round game.

Transformer Popping Series

Now replaced by the Vortex Series of popping rods, the Transformer Popping Series (or Transformer GT) combine the latest technology with a classic, streamlined look.


SeaWolf Series

Maxel’s classic SeaWolf trolling series utilises the latest e-glass rod blank technology for superior strength, and the choice of straight of bent butts. Newly updated and featuring the SW80/130 model.

Oceanic Series

With carbon composite rod blanks and Fuji premium heavy-duty trolling guides, the Oceanic rods are ideal for fighting the most powerful species on lighter lines.


Rivermonster Series

Maxel’s brand new RiverMonster range represents their entry into the freshwater lure fishing circuit, featuring ultra-light Japanese Toray blank construction, Fuji SIC Tangle-K guides, and Fuji Reel Seats.
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