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Trolling Reels

Maxel’s range of trolling reels comprises the robust SeaEagle and SeaWolf classic trolling series, as well as the newer Oceanic and OceanMax ranges.

The original, rock-solid trolling series from Maxel. Both ranges contain the same models with the same internals, and the only differences lie in the product finishes – SeaWolf reels have a classic finish, whereas the sides of SeaEagle models have smooth bevels. Both are available in silver and gold.

The latest in cutting-edge reel technology from Maxel, the OceanMax is a light tackle tournament reel – the perfect choice for the competitive angler targeting big King Mackerel and Sailfish. Take your game to the next level with an all-metal construction featuring a one-piece frame, a super smooth drag, a high ratio of 5.8:1, and a capacity of up to 600m of 10kg monofilament line on the smallest model. Fish on!

Oceanic Series

Lightweight, state-of-the-art trolling reels designed to meet the demands of light tackle tournament anglers.

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