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Elemento Series

Maxel’s Elemento series is built to cover a wide range of jig weights and water conditions, and replaces the Hybrid Slow Game slow jigging series.


  • The 511/3 is suitable for slow jigging in shallow water, and also works well for light jigging with 30-100g jig .
  • The 511/4 is suitable for water depths of 30-100m paired with 150-200g jig, and works excellently to simulate a natural falling motion.
  • The 511/5 is suitable for deep water of between 100-180m with slow currents, and is easy to handle with a jig weight of 250-350g.
  • The 511/6 is suitable for deep water with strong currents. The 511/6 and above models feature a carbon tip.
  • The 511/7 is suitable for super deep water with heavy jigs in strong currents, and is designed to target species like Grouper and Amberjack. It is designed to withstand strong pressure and tough fights.
  • 511/8 is our strongest model, suitable for rough conditions with 600-800g heavy jigs, with water that is often deeper than 200m.


  • Toray Hybrid Tubelor Carbon blanks
  • 9+1 Fuji KWSG guides (top guide MNST 5)
  • Fuji reel seat on all 6 models (TCSM18/B+KDPS18B/ASH)
  • Ergonomic shaped, hard EVA handles

Spec Sheet

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ModelLengthPiecesGuidesPE RatingBlank Test/90 Degree (kg)Blank Test/60 Degree (kg)Jig Weight (g)Top Diameter (mm)Butt Diameter (mm)Rod Weight (g)
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