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Maxel has been manufacturing high-quality big game trolling and deep water jigging reels since 2003. Their long experience with producing aluminium parts for some of the biggest names in fishing has honed their manufacturing skills and expertise. Maxel products have all enjoyed the reputation of being vastly superior to competitors by big game anglers in all corners of the globe. Maxel specialises in manufacturing specifically designed reels for big game trolling and deep water jigging fishermen – professionals who take their sport very seriously and insist on the fine quality and affordable prices that are synonymous with Maxel. The fine lineup of series and sizes promises to meet the demands of even the most discriminating of users. Maxel’s series of single and two speed trolling and Jigging reels cover the gamut from the heaviest offshore big game reels to the lightest jigging and live bait fishing reels. There is a Maxel reel that will suit your desires! Maxel also produces big game teaser reels, downriggers, rod holders, fighting belts and more.

Below, you will find an overview of the various categories within the Maxel range. To see more items within a category, click the tiles or simply use the drop-downs within the main menu to see detailed information.


A name that has become synonymous with premium quality, high tech reels, Maxel continuously delivers when it comes to meeting expectations. Maxel’s expansive range of reels spans from ultra-lightweight jigging and casting, up to heavyweight trolling models, with all reels being backed by Maxel’s famous five-year warranty.


Widely known for high-tech jigging reels that stand the test of time, Maxel’s range of jigging reels includes dedicated jigging reels as well as lightweight and versatile casting models. This range encompasses Sealion, Hybrid and Transformer models, including casting reels.


Maxel’s range of trolling reels comprises the robust SeaEagle and SeaWolf classic trolling series, as well as the new OceanMax and Oceanic Series. Built for the ultimate in durability, Maxel’s trolling range will tame even the most monstrous of fish.


Representing true innovation in 3D Carbon technology rods, Maxel brings to the market a range of jigging, popping, and trolling rods.

Speed Jigging

Maxel’s range of speed jigging rods provide superior strength and lifting power for the ultimate jigging experience.

Slow Jigging

Ultra high-tech slow pitch jigging rods from Maxel, including the all-new Elemento Series.

Light Jigging

The Transformer XUL and UL series comprise Maxel’s light jigging offering, featuring Toray NANO composite blanks.


Maxel’s new Vortex rods replace the Transformer Popping line, providing fast action with versatile tip action for all round versatility and game.


The ever-popular SeaWolf Trolling Series stands alongside the new Oceanic range in Maxel’s lineup of trolling rods


Maxel’s brand new RiverMonster range represents their entry into the freshwater lure fishing circuit, featuring ultra-light Japanese Toray blank construction, Fuji SIC Tangle-K guides, and Fuji Reel Seats.


Maxel offers an elite range of jigs that are tailor made to give you the advantage when it comes to both slow pitch and speed jigging.


Centre-weighted jigs that offer a faster falling jig than the Motion S, while still keeping the flutter action. Their unique shape makes them very well suited to cutting through fast, strong currents.

Dragonfly Motion L

This is the original speed jig from Maxel, and, available in a variety of colours and weights from 12g to 200g – this is our go-to jig for any speed jigging application. In the Cape, we use the 60g and 200g weights for yellowtail and tuna, while we find that further up the East Coast, the smaller sizes work incredibly well for kayak fishing.


Dragonfly Motion S

The Motion S range is Maxel’s signature line of slow pitch, slow falling jigs. These jigs are designed to be used in tandem with very sensitive rods, and instead of quickly jerking the rod up and down, you work the jig slowly with the rod tip, almost like you would work a soft plastic for bass.


Maxel Wraith jigs are the latest innovation in slow jigging technology. With a slimmer body than other jig types, Wraith jigs are ideal for fishing in stronger currents and very deep water. They are able to extend your depth range without creating extra weight, all whilst still providing the slow fluttering action that is so integral to slow jigging.


Maxel’s Moon Edge hook series offers a selection of flat and ring style hooks specially designed to suit an array of different jigging styles.

Moon Edge Series

Flat and ring styled super wide gap, heavy wire lightweight jigging hooks available in sizes 3/0 to 8/0

Boating Accessories

From fighting belts to downriggers, Maxel has all your boating accessory needs covered.

Fighting Belts & Harnesses

Maxel manufactures a range of fighting belts and harnesses to suit both trolling and jigging applications, including aluminium fighting belts, lightweight carbon gimbals, and shoulder vests.

Boga Grip

Designed for catch-and-release fishing, this grip can land, handle, and weigh fish without injuring them. Available in multiple colours with a weight capacity of 12kg

Lure Bags

Keep your jigs and poppers organised in storage or on the boat with these easy to carry, ergonomic lure carry bags from Maxel.

Manual Downriggers

Maxel’s classic downrigger allows sport fishermen to troll their lures at a specific depth.
 Built by CNC machine in solid marine grade aluminium, 
all metal parts are corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Excellent for small and intermediate-sized boats.

Rod Holders

A must-have for any boat-based fishing application, Maxel rod holders are available in both flush mount and mounted styles to suit all preferences.


Teaser Reels

Ever-popular Maxel teaser reels are available in black and silver models that are made from marine-grade aluminium and designed to last.

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