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Razorbaits brings to the market an extensive range of hand-poured, premium soft plastic baits in a wide range of colours to suit every fishing technique and condition.

Soft Plastics

Razorbaits are premium hand-injected soft plastic baits manufactured in Orlando, FL. 7 of these bait designs were custom designed by Razorbaits’ Founder/Owner Jim Lanza.

All Razorbaits soft plastic baits are heavily scented with the “JUICE” garlic scent which is specially formulated for Razorbaits by JB’s Fish Sauce of Minnetonka, MN.

*CANDY BUG and RED BUG are bleeding colors. This means that if you store a Candy Bug or Red Bug colored baits with any other colored bait, where the Candy Bug or Red Bug colored bait touches the other baits, the Candy Bug or Red Bug colored bait will cause the other colored baits to discolor with a reddish transfer.

10.25" MONSTER STICK 4pk

The MONSTER of ALL Stick Baits. This MONSTER STICK measures 10 1/2″ long with an egg sack of 7/16″ diameter. The MONSTER STICK is heavily weighted with salt and the added weight will allow you to cast further.

18" Python 2pk

The PYTHON is an 18″ long worm style bait. It is 5/8″ diameter at the head, 3/8″ diameter at the base of the tail and it is 3/4″ diameter at the egg sack.


Smaller version of our extremely popular 4.5″ OKEECHOBEE TOAD, heavily scented with the “JUICE” garlic scent.

4.5" Okeechobee Toad 4pk

The “OKEECHOBEE TOAD” is a solid body 4.5″ frog bait with paddle feet and a hook slot in the back, heavily scented with “JUICE”.

4" Cash Craw

The Cash Craw’s rounded body design makes it almost impossible to be fouled by weeds or grass and can easily be fished in the thickest stuff that you can find.


The smallest of our Stick Baits family. This Mini Dip Stick measures 4″ long with an egg sack of 3/16″ diameter.

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