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MossBack’s Hooks range includes the following series: Tungsten Wacky Jig Head, Tungsten Ball Head Jig, Tungsten Weedless Ball Jig Head, Tungsten Shakey Jig Head, MB Underspin, Fish Head Underspin, and Flat Bottom Jig.

MB Fish Head Underspin

MossBack’s Fish Head Underspin features a lead, fish-like head with an arrow-type design for streamlined swimming, combined with a wide gap hook and bait keeper. The silver narrow turtle blades are connected by a split ring and rolling swivel for extra rotation. They’re available in 4 colours, 4 hook sizes, and 5 weights.

MB Weighted Underspin

Our Weighted Underspin is built with a super-sharp, extra-strong EWG hook and a CPS for extra swimming action and bait movement. Featuring a centred weight for perfect balance with any bait and changeable blades with split rings and ball bearing swivel for extra rotation, this underspin is available in 2 blade sizes and three hook sizes.

MB Flat Bottom Jigs

This jig has a lead bottom cone-type head with a thick gauge, xxx-strong super line EWG. It’s great for punching baits and swimbaits, and features a CPS for extra swimming action and bait movement.

MB Tungsten Shakey Jig Heads

The MossBack Shakey Jig Head is made from 97% pure, eco-friendly, lead and insert free tungsten. All sizes come with a super strong, chemically sharpened hook, a durable nickel-titanium keeper spring, and an ultra-tough, chip-resistant coating.

MB Tungsten Weedless Ball Head Jigs

The weedless version of our Tungsten Ball Head Jig, the Tungsten Weedless Ball Head Jig comes equipped with a durable nickel-titanium weed guard to effortlessly cut through grass and weeds.

MB Tungsten Ball Head Jigs

The MB Tungsten Ball Head Jig is great paired with any bottom plastic, including worms, craws, and creature baits. A strong, chemically sharpened hook means easy hook-set across any of the multitude of weights and hook sizes.

MB Tungsten Wacky Jig Head

Made from 97% pure, eco-friendly, lead and insert free tungsten with an extended hook for easy hook set, the MB Tungsten Wacky Jig Head is ideal for drop shotting. Available in a range of weights and hook sizes.

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