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Oceanic Trolling Series

The Oceanic series trolling rods have been created to satisfy the diverse needs of big game anglers all over the world. Featuring carbon composite rod blanks with Fuji premium heavy-duty trolling guides, the Oceanic rods are ideal for fighting the most powerful species on lighter lines. The Oceanic Twist models are specifically designed with Spiral-wrapped guides for increased balance and stability.


  • Saltwater carbon composite blank technology
  • Fuji heavy-duty saltwater trolling guides, allowing the angler to fish the thinner line
  • Custom ALPS aluminium reel seat with aluminium gimbal
  • Carbon butts and aluminium butts available in straight and bent butts
  • Foregrip wrapped in leather with colour stripes on OCT models and OC80/130LB
  • Foregrip wrapped in shrink tube on OC30/50LB, 50/80LB
  • Deluxe Abalone decoration above fore grip on OCT models and OC80/130LB
  • Spiral-wrapped Fuji guide layout on OCT models
  • Ergonomically-shaped handle grips

Spec Sheet

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ModelPowerLengthPiecesRod ColourLine WeightGuidesAbalone DecorationFore Grip StyleButt
OC3050AS-FH5'8"2Black30-50Fuji 6+TipNoShrink TubeALPS Aluminium Straight Butt
OC5080AB-FXH5'10"2Black50-80Fuji 6+TipNoShrink TubeALPS Aluminium Bent Butt
OC5080AS-FXH5'10"2Black50-80Fuji 6+TipNoShrink TubeALPS Aluminium Straight Butt
OC80130AS-FXXH5'8"2Black/Green80-130Fuji 6+TipYesLeatherALPS Aluminium Straight Butt
OC80130AS-RXXH5'8"2Black/Green80-130ALPS Roller 4+TipYesLeatherALPS Aluminium Straight Butt
OCT3050CS-FH5'8"2Black/Purple30-50Fuji Spiral 7+TipYesLeatherCarbon Straight Butt
OCT5080CB-FXH5'10"2Black/Pink50-80Fuji Spiral 7+TipYesLeatherCarbon Bent Butt
OCT5080CS-FXH5'10"2Black/Pink50-80Fuji Spiral 7+TipYesLeatherCarbon Straight Butt

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