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Boating Accessories

From fighting belts to downriggers, Maxel has all your boating accessory needs covered.

Fighting Belts and Harnesses

Maxel manufactures a range of fighting belts and harnesses to suit both trolling and jigging applications, including aluminium fighting belts, lightweight carbon gimbals, and shoulder vests.

Boga Grip

Designed for catch-and-release fishing, this grip can land, handle, and weigh fish without injuring them. Available in multiple colours with a weight capacity of 12kg

Lure Bags

Sturdy, ergonomic lure carry bags for jigging and popping

Manual Downriggers

Easily troll your lures at a specific depth

Rod Holders

Flush mount and 360 degree rotational options

Teaser Reels

Durable, anodised aluminium for maximum corrosion resistance

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