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Risky Player Slow Jigging Series

Maxel is once again leading the slow jigging sector of the market with its new Risky Player rod series. Following a long evolution from concept through advanced rod building technology and comprehensive field-testing, Maxel has developed a unique, lightweight slow jigging rod that overcomes the shortcomings of similar rods in the category.

The RiskyPlayer 5’5” version is designed for fishing in deep water against strong currents. Fishing at depths of more than 200m causes powerful resistance from two-layer flow, but the rod will help reduce pressure on the arm, increase the feel of the jig’s action through the blank and deliver sensitive bite indication. Designed with a fast-action backbone, the rods are suitable for the high-pitch technique and can be used to ensure all-round performance for slow jigging in deep water.

The RiskyPlayer 6.0’ version is ideal for using when fish are inactive and difficult to tempt. The rod’s design allows it to be fished at a high arc and present the bait in a long fall through the water. They also come into their own when jigging in strong currents and heavy winds, helping control the line and adding movement to the jig on its descent.

The longer models also lend themselves to fishing on boats with a higher life rail and work well at a high gear-speed ratio when using the ‘Half Pitch’ technique.

Spec Sheet

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CodeDescriptiontypePieces LengthLine (pe)Jig Weight
RP559SPMaxel RP559SP Risky Player Jig/Cast15'5''PE1,5-4,5250-700g
RP5510SPMaxel RP5510SP Risky Player Jig/Cast15'5''PE1,5-4,5 300-900g
RP603Maxel RP603 Risky Player Jig/Cast16'PE1,5-2,5 100-250g
RP604Maxel RP604 Risky Player Jig/Cast16'PE1,5-3 130-300g
RP605Maxel RP605 Risky Player Jig/Cast16'PE1,5-3,5 150-350g
RP606Maxel RP606 Risky Player Jig/Cast16'PE1,5-4180-450g
RP607Maxel RP607 Risky Player Jig/Cast16'PE1,5-4,5210-550g
RP607SPMaxel RP607SP Risky PlayerJig/Cast16'PE1,5-4,5210-550g
RP608WTMaxel RP608-WT Risky Player World Tour Jig/Cast16'PE2-4120-350g
RP609Maxel RP609 Risky Player Jig/Cast16'PE3-5150-440g

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