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Jigging & Popping Rods

Superior strength, durable construction, and heavy lifting power come together in Maxel’s range of jigging and popping rods.



The Sealion limited jigging rod series is a perfect complement to the Sealion lever drag jigging reels. Featuring lightweight, unmatched lifting power, the Sealion jigging series pushes the limit of jigging as anglers aim to land bigger and stronger fish with the lightest possible tackle.

Transformer Light Jigging

Ultra-lightweight jigging rods with a super soft and sensitive tip designed for casting and jigging light lures back to the boat

Transformer Heavy Jigging

Heavyweight jigging and superior lifting ability is the core feature set of the Transformer heavy jigging lineup

Hybrid Slow Game Jigging

Slow Game jigging series: new 6’8″ slow-pitch jigging rods from Maxel, featuring top Toray blanks and Fuji components.

Risky Player Slow Jigging Series

A unique slow-pitch jigging model, designed to be fished in deep waters and strong currents


Transformer Popping Series

Maxel Transformer GT heavy-duty casting rods combine the latest technology in blank materials and components with a streamlined classic look. Featuring top quality Fuji K guides with stainless steel frame and SIC inserts, Fuji DPS reel seats with aluminium screw parts & Fuji rubber end cap, with hard EVA grips for all-day casting comfort.

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